In terms of longevity, SuperCity has been there for quite some time. The digital technological landscape, however, is always evolving, and new developments in the game's technical aspects are required.

We went with a more current language for our programming needs. The name of it is TypeScript. We expect a significant improvement in the overall quality of our game as a result of this.

We believe this change will be beneficial for you for the following reasons:

  1. Greater stability and safety:
    • Code stability and security are both enhanced with TypeScript. Because we can head off a lot of possible technical issues while we're in the development phase, the gameplay will be more solid in the end.

  2. Faster error handling:
    • The development team will be able to find and fix errors faster with TypeScript, before they impact gameplay. Because of this, you should expect to face fewer problems caused by bugs in the code.

  3. Modern technologies and development:
    • A variety of up-to-date development tools and technologies are at our fingertips with TypeScript. Because of this, we can design more engaging and novel gaming features to enhance your time in SuperCity.

  4. More support from professionals:
    • A sizable and dynamic group of programmers use TypeScript. Thanks to them, we can receive input more quickly, fix issues more efficiently, and incorporate new ideas into the game more easily.

  5. Smooth transition process:
    • TypeScript provides a smooth transition from our current programming language. Therefore, the changes will have minimal impact on the current game, and the transition will be almost invisible to you.
We're working hard to make the game more fun, stable, and secure for you, and switching to TypeScript will help us achieve that.