Today, we have game designer Kate answering our questions as we continue with our topic on changes in expeditions.

The initial expedition changes have already been well-received by players. However, you proceed farther. What else is new, please tell the players?
Yes, we are constantly working on improvements, with the goal of introducing them little by little while keeping a careful eye on how players respond.
When planning the forthcoming expedition, we focused on how the event starts. The first part of the expedition should now be less challenging, more fun, and more dynamic.

Naturally, how an expedition begins greatly influences how it is experienced later on. If an event fails to captivate you right from the start, you don’t really want to play anymore.
Yes, exactly! However, this is also a component of our extensive effort to modify reward receipts. Our goal in making this adjustment is to increase participation in the expedition and make it easier for players to understand. We hope that by giving them more chances to get engrossed in the amazing story of the expedition, we can keep their attention throughout the event.

So, players will be more invested in the plot since tasks are completed in a more dynamic way.
Indeed. Extra rewards will accrue as participation increases and tasks are finished more quickly.

You've mentioned that you keep an eye on how the players are responding. Based on your observations, are any adjustments or upgrades planned?
Of course! Following players' suggestions and comments, we will keep moving in this direction.
Plus, we're totally cool with being gamers ourselves! We will be actively participating in the expedition to gain player experience, compare it to the feedback from players, and enhance the event.