Hi there! I'm SuperCity narrative designer Anastasia.

I have always celebrated Easter with my family. As a child, my Mum and I used to spend Easter together painting eggs, chatting about life, and just having a blast. For that reason, I aimed to include a family theme and the value of quality time spent with loved ones in my Easter narrative.

My first thought was that the protagonists should be the niece and uncle duo of Victor Rich and Alice. Despite Victor's plans to tear down the historic amusement park, Alice is adamant about keeping it standing because of the great Easter fair she attended as a youngster. Over time, Victor reminisces about these joyful times as well, and he starts to feel the joy of the season.

Three big attractions are returned to the Easter Fair by the heroes. The fair is surrounded by a farm with rabbits, a campsite with tourists and a nature reserve with wild animals. 

The adventure begins in a vibrant flower meadow, continues through farmland, and culminates on a plateau in the forest. Victor and Alice assist other characters and search for ride pieces.

So I had a cute story about a family and an amusement park, but how do I show the story's connection to Easter? Certainly, with the aid of graphic design!

I merged the idea of Easter with amusement park rides. I did this by compiling all of the pictures I think of when I hear the word "Easter" and then combining them with my favourite rides. Along these lines, a carousel with bunnies, a wheel with booths shaped like Easter eggs, and a carousel with seats made of shells came into being.


But I felt that some zest was missing. 

Suddenly, the exquisite Fabergé Easter eggs sprung to mind, with their elaborate, opulent, and subtly sophisticated design. With their delicate pastel colors, floral motifs, and intricately carved patterns, I thought this style was very similar to French Rococo.

Easter, a joyous spring celebration, was well suited to all this openness and airiness. I decided to round out the idea by including some nods to the Rococo style. The final say rested with the artists, who, as always, worked their magic!


While many other hues are connected with Easter, the most common ones are pastels. The artists emphasized the Rococo style with golden accents that complemented all of this.

The objective was to build a beautiful, cheery, and sophisticated setting that evoked thoughts of springtime, flowers, and sweets.

I wish you happiness and good feelings for the upcoming spring as you explore the vibrant world of the Easter Expedition.