The event lasts 7 days.
Click the icon to access the event:

Your task in the event is to earn Chefcoins together with your club mates. To unlock the event window, you need to collect at least 1 Chefcoin after the start of the event.

Event window

On the left side of the window, there is a list of your club members and the number of Chefcoins earned by each member since the start of the event. The list is organised in descending order of Chefcoins. 

On the right side of the window, there is the current goal (i.e. the reward you will receive by collecting the specified number of Chefcoins), as well as all event rewards. 


IMPORTANT! All club members can receive a reward as soon as the club, through joint efforts, accumulates the required number of Chefcoins to receive it. But each club member must earn at least 150 Chefcoins to be able to receive a reward! 

As soon as the club reaches the required number of Сhefcoins to receive a reward, a green button will appear under the reward, which is available for receipt, and the current goal will change. 

Your earned Сhefcoins are owned by you. Therefore, if you leave a club during the event and join another club, you will take your Сhefcoins from the old club and bring them to the new one.

IMPORTANT! If you collected rewards in the event window, then left the club and joined a new one during the event,  in the new club, you will not be able to re-collect rewards already received. You will only have access to those rewards that you did not receive in the previous club (provided that the entire club accumulates the required number of chefcoins to receive them). 


There is no competition or rankings in this event. You play with your club, reach goals and receive rewards. Participants who collected less than 150 Chefcoins in the event will not be able to receive rewards.

Don't forget to claim all your earned rewards in the event window! It will be available for another week after the end of the active part of the event.