Greetings! SuperCity's designer, Kate, is back with some exciting news!

The Gift Race is something we've recently added to the expedition, and I'd want to tell you about it.

In the expedition, one might participate in a Gift Race to discover various gifts. Any more gifts you uncover will get you bonus rewards.

The rules are really simple!

Special gift boxes will be hidden along the way for you to acquire as you go through the expedition. Expedition energy is not used up as they are being collected.

There are two rewards — expedition energy and special tokens — in every box. There is a reward system in place for when you reach a specific number of tokens.

The more tokens you earn, the better your benefits will be. Expedition energy, seasonal currency, superbucks, tiny shards, and a whole lot more are all part of the rewards!

As you may be aware, there is Rarities Race where you can earn rewards by spending expedition energy. In contrast, gathering is all that's required in the Gift Race and no additional expenditure is needed.

Gift Race came to be because we wanted to help you. Our goal was to spice up the event and provide you with more incentive.

We hope you have a great time playing, following the story, exploring, and getting lovely gifts!