Hello, this is Vlada, game designer of SuperCity! I want to talk about changes to chests.

We've updated the event window to make it more clear and attractive!

Now the chests window consists of 3 sections:

  •  Information about obtaining keys is in the left section.

  •  Chests are in the middle section. You can still switch among them using the side arrows.

  •  Information about rewards is in the right section. Here you can see the main reward, as well as the rewards that can be obtained from each type of chest.

 Information about an offer for a unique building has also been added to the left section. Now it will be even more convenient to track the city sights that bring keys - there will be a key icon next to them!

In addition, we have added information about the city sights that bring keys to the special offer window itself!

We really hope you enjoy the chests window changes!