Hello! Game designer Galina is here, and today I will talk about upcoming changes in the Treasure Hunt. 

Firstly, we have significantly increased the number of some of the rewards that you can receive from the field, such as expedition energy, coins, and lucky cards. Each excavated cell will bring something useful! 

Secondly, we have added rewards that were not on the field before: cellar energy and useful items. Plus, you'll be able to dig up extra shovels as you play!

Also now new cells will appear on the field in addition to the usual cells with the usual treasures. These are treasury cells. You'll need two shovels to dig them up, but you'll find not just one, but several different rewards inside.


You can use a new tool, a metal detector, to find a treasury cell. The tool will show you which cells contain bigger rewards.

However, this is not necessary. You can discover a treasury cell simply by digging up a field. 

You can choose: just open the cells in any order or hunt for big treasures.

We hope that these changes will make Treasure Hunt more interesting for you and that you will like the new rewards!