Hello, Alex here.

I have some news on one of the biggest upgrades we've made to the game in the past few years. More importantly, it has nothing to do with buildings or resources, with locations or items. It is all about the interaction with the game itself.

The Mayor's To-Do List is a brand new window that allows you to engage with tasks in the game. I'm happy to introduce it to you!

You will now have a place where ALL tasks from ALL locations are stored, making SuperCity easier to manage and reducing the number of window transitions you need to do.

Picture this: you're in the City Centre and get the brilliant idea to complete a quest on the Islands. How do you find out what you need to do there? 

In the past, you had to visit the Islands and browse through the quest icons to get more information on the task. 

Now finding the necessary information is as easy as going to the Mayor's To-Do List, selecting the Islands tab, and reading the relevant task.  

An icon for a new to-do list, where all tasks will be arranged, replaces the icons for various quests on the left side of the screen.

We spent a lot of effort making sure this To-Do List was as easy to use as possible by checking:

  • each tab's colour within the To-Do List window,

  • clear indicators on task icons (to make them easier for you to navigate),

  • order of tabs with game locations,

  • clarity of navigation,

  • and much more.

In order to consider all the subtleties and establish additional approaches to enhance this window, we spoke with our moderators (many thanks to them for their great assistance!).

If I were asked to describe the meaning of this update in two sentences, I would say this:

"The days of constantly moving between locations are over!"

“Now all tasks are conveniently located in one window and always at hand!”

I hope you’ll like it :)