A few buildings in the game are called "Helper" buildings. These buildings will give you one needed item along with their usual profits.

How do these buildings work:

1) items drop RANDOMLY from these buildings;

2) you can't receive from these buildings:
- Items needed for the crafts in production buildings, for example - Pillow for the production of the Sofas at the Furniture Factory;

- Items that you need to ask friends;

- items that are produced in quests (for example, as in Lemonade factory quest);

3) you can receive from buildings:

- Items required in active quests, including quests with random tasks;

- Items for decors in the Academy of Magic;

- +3 energy, if you do not need items in active quests or for the Academy;

The current list of Helper buildings in Supercity:
Romantic date
  1. Tree house
  2. Dracula's Castle
  3. Neueschweinstein Castle
  4. Art Gallery
  5. The Emir’s Palace
  6. Indian Palace
  7. Santa's sleigh
  8. Rabbit meadow
  9. Omnibus depot
  10. Train Robbery 
  11. Yacht transportation
  12. Statue of Maat 
  13. Agronomist laboratory 
  14. Mad Tea Party
  15. Chariot Workshop