When you purchase in-game valuables, there may be a delay between the payment and the moment you receive your items/superbucks. If your purchase didn't go through right away, please wait for a few minutes. In case this doesn't help, reload the app page.
If you still have not received your items/superbucks, please go to your Facebook Settings → Payments → Payment History, choose the payment from the list and click on it. You should get a window like the one below:
Click "Download Receipt" to get a receipt file for this payment. Save this as a PDF file, then Attach this file to the request ticket, and our support team will be glad to add the missing superbucks to your game.
If you don't see your payment in the Purchase History, it means that we didn't receive it either. In this case, please check your card or phone balance (depending on what method of payment you used) to see, if you were charged for the purchase. If you were, please contact your bank or your mobile operator for further assistance.