All purchases can only be disputed through Facebook. Supercity does not handle payments, they are all handled through the Facebook payment system.

Where to find your payments history:

1. Click on your avatar and then on Settings and Privacy.


2. Then click on Settings.


3. Then click on See more in Accounts Centre in the left-hand menu.

4. Click on Payments - Meta Pay.

You will see all your payments. 

Choose the payment from the list and click on it. You should get a window like the one below:


Click "Get help with this purchase" at the bottom of the document.

In the next window, click on “Contact us”.

Then click on “Email us” to contact support.

Please make sure to mention that you would like a refund for the associated charges.

After that, you will get a reply in your email from Meta. You can communicate with them through email conversation.


Once you have explained your problem, you can click on "Send" to send your complaint.