We recommend that players be more careful with clicking and don't rush to avoid any unwanted purchases.

If the game is lagging, please, don't click on the screen and just reload the page with the game. In that way you will avoid making accidental purchases.

If you spent superbucks accidentally, you have the opportunity to return the amount spent — please contact our support team.

You can't get a refund for the following purchases:

  • Production slots in any building
  • Academy of Wizardry colour change
  • Items that you have purchased then used (Items in factories that cost superbucks such as tapestries, lace, etc or shovels for treasure searches, etc)
  • Creating a Country club
  • Upgrades of any buildings
  • Additional lives in mini-games
  • Train upgrades in the Train quest
Please remember that we can make no more than 3 refunds per player.