It is crucial for the support team to know your ID to help you effectively.

On Facebook, you can find your user ID under the neighbors' bar. The instruction on how to copy and paste the text can be found in the end of the article.

Your Portal ID can be found this way: click on the little arrow in the top right corner of the game:

Then click on "My account" and copy your ID from the menu that will appear:

After that you will be able to paste it in the Contact the support form or somewhere else.

Here is the general instruction on how to copy and paste:
  1. Select what you want to copy: left click on your mouse and drag the cursor until the text you want to copy is highlighted, then release the click.

  2. Right-click on the mouse or trackpad.

  3. Click Copy.

  4. The selected text, images or files will be copied to the Clipboard (a type of temporary storage) on your computer.

  5. Go to the place where you need to enter the copied text (for example, the Support contact form)

  6. Right click on the mouse

  7. Select paste