Are you enjoying the Bay Mayors, but you are still a little unsure of what is going on❓

    ⬇⬇Read below to get some further explanation ⬇⬇

Piastres, what are they and where do you get them?

Piastres are the Bay's currency and are used for building upgrades, planting your garden items and buying land.
If an upgrade or purchase requires piastres and you do not have enough of them then the upgrade/purchase button will be grayed out. Once you have enough piastres it will turn blue and allow you to click on it to continue with the upgrade or purchase.

See examples below:

You need to throw more parties so you can collect piastres from your tourists ✨
You can also get piastres from Certain Bay Buildings


New expansions can be bought with piastres.

Please note that each piece of land contains an obstacle that needs to be cleared before you can build on this land.
The number of times you need to click on the obstacle in order to destroy it is marked on the obstacle:
After you have clicked the necessary amount of times and destroyed the obstacle, you will be able to place the buildings and decorations on this piece of land.

Bay Upgrades:

To find out what is necessary to upgrade a building, click on that building and then click on the UPGRADE tab. It will show you the upgrade requirements.

Some players want to know about the Secret Door quest and other quests inside the bay
📝We have several side quests that will need to be fulfilled in order to get progress later on. These side items will give you coins and experience points, etc. If you don't do these then you won't be able to do some other quests to come. 

Neighbors CAN'T speed up the main buildings in the Bay:
Do-Do Nest
Tropical Garden Patch
Cliffedge Lighthouse
Captain's House
Maitre D's
(More may be added at the Bay grows)
🚢While the Ship is out to Sea it can't be clicked on to upgrade until it returns! To upgrade you need to click on the Upgrade tab so you must wait until the ship returns for that option to be available🚢

🌏If you don't want to travel to the Bay each time to see what you need, you can simply click on your To-Do list and it will show you what you need for that quest.
Don't click on the show button, but click on the Name of the quest. ‼

Production Slots:

If you have bought an extra Production Slot for items, then it is a permanent slot and it will stay forever so you may use it anytime. 🚫Once you have unlocked a production slot by purchasing it with superbucks, this can't be refunded as we can't lock it back, so please pay close attention when doing this.

To send the ship you need to collect the items it is asking you for and then click on the send button once you have collected all of the items needed.

To collect the items once the ship returns click on the Ship's Dock beside the ship

You CAN get any combination of the items shown at the ship for your level. The more you upgrade the ship, the more items are shown that you can get. These items come to you randomly.

Reviews- You get a TOTAL of 4 reviews at the start of each party. It doesn't matter how many orders you filled, you get only 4 reviews total. This number does not go up no matter what level the hotel is.

There are a total of 5 tourists on the beach, however some tourists may ask for more than one order to be filled, this is normal.

Please note that you will use Reviews each time you upgrade the hotel. The amount that will be needed is shown in the game window


NEW BAY TAB In Inventory

Here you can see all the items you have made as well as your reviews/feedback

Water Expansions:

In order to buy extensions on the water (and place the water features) you must have finished building the cliff lighthouse, and have purchased the land going from the bay tropical bridge all the way to the water then you can buy the water plots.

Remember that the land must touch each other as in other areas of the game.