Requirements: the quest will be received by players level 30 +
The main reward is the Ice Castle (5,100 coins, 2-4 glass baubles, 2-4 energy every 24 hours, size 7*7).

In the “Rewards” tab we added an extra row of rewards that will become available to you if you purchase the Golden gift. Its purchase is optional. If you are not interested, the regular set of rewards will always be available for you just as usual, for completing tasks in your city!

It works in a flexible way: you may decide to purchase the Golden gift right from the very beginning or later on. If you decide to buy it later on, you will receive the bonus rewards for the stages you have already completed as soon as you purchase the Golden gift, so nothing is lost!
Among the bonus rewards that you can get for the Golden gift are the Archive cards, a special kind of currency that can be used in the all-new Blueprints store.
The Blueprints store can be found by opening the icon for the Marathon, to find out more information about it, please follow this link:
Task rewards:

You can obtain these rewards by completing tasks, whether you decide to purchase the Golden Gift or not.

To receive the rewards, you need to collect Sculpting Tools:
15 for the first reward,
50 for the 2nd reward,
120 for the 3rd reward,
250 for the 4th reward
400 for the 5th reward!

Every 100 more sculpting tools collected after the main prize will get you extra prizes!

Note: there is also a set of extra rewards for the Golden gift row of rewards as well.

How many sculpting tools can I get?

 2, 3 or 5 sculpting tools for regular tasks!
4, 6,10 sculpting tools for bonus tasks

Please keep in mind that bonus tasks:
  • can be obtained after completing 5 other tasks (regular or bonus)
  • have a timer for completion and cannot be deleted during the completion time
  • If you did not manage to complete the task in time, it disappears!
What about cool downs?

If you finish a task, there is no cool down timer. If you trash a task, there is a 3-hour cool down time.


You need to collect at least 15 Sculpting Tools to take part in the Rating competition.

After the quest ends, players who take the first 25 places receive extra rewards!

1st place Golden Deer Trophy  Every 24 hours: 3-5 superbucks,3-5 baubles for 16 days once placed in the city
2nd Place: Silver Deer Trophy every 24 hours: 2-4 superbucks, 2-4 baubles for 16 days once placed in the city.
3rd place Bronze Deer Trophy every 24 hours: 1-3 superbucks, 1-3 baubles for 16 days once placed in the city. 
4-6 place 40  baubles
7-10 place 30  baubles
11-15 place 25 baubles
16-20 place 20 baubles
21-25 place 15 baubles