The Christmas Expeditions are here!
Are you ready to embark on a totally new adventure, Mayor? Yeti needs your help to save Santa’s reindeer and thus save Christmas: they were caught in a snowstorm and now they’re stranded somewhere in the mountains! We need to find them!

For playing the Christmas Expeditions, you will travel to a temporary winter location that can be accessed by clicking on the icon on the right side of the screen:

Take a moment to read the rules:

In order to find them it is necessary to dig through the snow using the purple, expeditionary energy:

The purple energy recharges itself just like the usual energy and we can also claim 100 energy units for free every 12 hours by bringing up the “Energy drink sale” and then choosing the last option:

You will also be able to get some energy by completing the “Reindeer rescue” quest steps:

From time to time you will also find chests that are full of energy

In addition to finding the reindeer, you will also have to restore several buildings with items you will find on your way. Here are some buildings you will need to restore, for example:

Once you renovate the “Energize” cafe, you will be able to produce there cans of energy:

Note: Any snowman and any berry bush will drop the needed items for producing energy when removed from the map.

There are also many buildings that, once you renovate, give 15 units of expedition energy every 2 hours.
Some of them:

Note: there are also 3 buildings that give quests and not energy:

Everything you obtain is preserved in the expedition inventory situated on the left side of the screen:

Some of the rewards that are your disposal for these items collected on your way to the reindeer:

Santa’s sleigh: collect 5,000 hollies in the allotted time and you will receive Santa’s sleigh (6,000 coins, 2-4 energy, 3-6 glass baubles, 1 needed item every 24 hours, size 2*4, can be placed in the City center and in the Snowy Plateau)

You can find all rewards by clicking on the Save Christmas Rewards icon on the right side of the screen and then going to the second tab:

The rewards here can be obtained by gathering a certain number of candy canes. There is an additional set of rewards for the ones who decide to purchase the Winter Key. Even if you purchase the key, you still MUST Collect the amount shown to get the rewards .Don’t forget to use the blue arrows to scroll and see all the rewards:

5 of the rewards give glass baubles, make sure to check the hints and find out all the information about them!
Together, the rewards make up the Christmas composition in 7 parts:

IMPORTANT! All the rewards (not items you get by cleaning the map, but rewards: Santa’s Sleigh + all from the “Save Christmas: rewards” window) are issued in your city and go to your regular storage, not in the expedition inventory!
So how to get the candy canes?

On the first tab of the “Save Christmas: rewards” window, you will see that for meeting different goals you will receive a certain number of candy canes: