🍂This fall is very special for us, Mayors! The residents of SuperCity decided to organize their very own Oktoberfest, help them and win all the great items that make up the Festive Park!🍂

Oktoberfest: Fall Festival!
The residents decided to organize their own Oktoberfest. Help them and collect the entire festive park with the Bavarian Tavern, fair rides and autumn decorations!

What is different from previous quests?

Unlike our regular quests, you will notice that this quest has 4 tabs: Rewards, Order board, Volunteers and Ratings.

On the first tab, the Rewards board, you can find the Fair ride, the Circus tent, the Dance floor and all the autumn decorations that make up the festive park.

Don’t forget to scroll through the list of items by using the blue arrows. You can buy them by exchanging Fair tickets. You must use the fair tickets before the event ends if you are wanting to buy something with them.

You can also see details about what every building gives by clicking on the “Show Reward” button:

Note: the big buildings you can get only one time, the new decorations up to 10 times and the old decorations almost unlimited. The Festive Park buildings can be placed anywhere except the Snowy Plateau.

However, the main building, the Bavarian Tavern, can be obtained from the 3rd tab called “Volunteers”. Here you will find an alternative chain of rewards that you can get on your way to the main prize.

Reward No 1: 20 Happy locals collected - 10,000 coins, 1 pack of 45 energy, 10 marathon points;
Reward No 2: 65 Happy locals collected - Pumpkin fountain, 5 sb, 20 marathon points;
Reward No 3: 155 Happy locals collected - Luxury Apartment, 40 marathon points;
Reward No 4: 305 Happy locals collected - French Restaurant, 70 marathon points;
Reward No 5: 505 Happy locals collected - Bavarian Tavern, 100 marathon points.

Every 150 Happy Residents collected after the main prize will get you extra rewards!
Extra Reward No 1: 25,000 coins, 20 marathon points, 2 Cupcakes +10 energy;
Extra Reward No 2: 1,000 goods, 20 marathon points, 3 Cupcakes + 10 energy;
Extra Reward No 3: 10 sb, 20 marathon points.

You can get the rewards shown here for collecting Happy locals.
So you have 2 things that you can exchange for rewards, Fair tickets & Happy locals, but how do you get these 2?

The Fair tickets you can obtain directly by fulfilling orders on the Order Board. 

Important! This quest includes tasks with Bay and Sands items, however the event is designed to be successfully completed by both players who choose to take the extra challenge and use the Bay and Sands items, as well as by those who would rather focus on regular tasks. 

You will also notice that together with the Fair tickets you will obtain other items such as pie, ale, stew and checkered fabric. 

These items you can use on the Volunteer tab to create Happy locals. You have 4 recipes for Happy locals available, use the blue arrows to find them all:

You can also buy additional slots and make a queue for producing Happy locals. In this way as soon as one Happy local is ready, the game will start making the next one.
The Ratings are unlocked after you collect 15 Happy locals.
After the quest ends, players who take the first 25 places receive the extra rewards:
  • 1st place: 100 Marathon points + Gold Barrel gives 3-5 superbucks and 3-5 candies every 24 hours, 16 days from the moment when it was first placed in the city;
  • 2nd place: 70 Marathon points + Silver Barrel, gives 2-4 superbucks and 2-4 candies every 24 hours, 16 days from the moment when it was first placed in the city;
  • 3rd place: 60 Marathon points + Bronze Barrel, gives 1-3 superbucks and 1-3 candies every 24 hours, 16 days from the moment when it was first placed in the city;
  • 4-6th places: 50 Marathon points + 40 candies;
  • 7-10th places: 40 Marathon points + 30 candies;
  • 11-15th places: 30 Marathon points + 25 candies;
  • 16-20th places: 25 Marathon points + 20 candies;
  • 21-25th places: 20 Marathon points + 15 candies.