To change the entry point to your city, simply click on your city name and push the button then pick where you want to put it.

Quest without timers, no time restrictions!

Requirements: You must have at least one other area open on the map besides the main city,
for example, the snow plateau, etc.

Reward: Wind Rose, allows you to load the game in a map region other than the city center.

New possibilities I
Collect 15 City photos (Cottage)
Collect 6 Newspapers (Subway station)
Collect 2 Magic 8 balls (Pool parlour)

New possibilities II
Collect 2 radars (drops from the Electronic plant when producing any of the listed goods)
Collect 4 camouflage uniforms (drop from the Textile factory when producing linen)
Collect 8 maps of the stars (Stationery Shop, Upgraded Stationery Shop)

New possibilities III
Collect 7 Valves (Premium Cottage)
Collect 3 reinforcements (Cargo Port)
Ask friends for 4 compasses