The Capitol is back in the game!

Mayors who asked about the Capitol: here's your chance to get it!
If you already have it in your city, you'll get an alternative main prize after you complete the quest
By the way, the better you complete the quest, the more gifts you'll get

Requirements: level 60.
Timing: yellow-timed quests (you can restart them, but each time you restart the quest, you’ll get one less gift). You have 12 days in total.

To get this quest you should enter the game before July, 15,2018 9:00 UTC (5:00 EST).


No restarts: The Capitol (2500 coins, 2-3 pearls every 24 hours; requires 8x8 squares; can be placed in any location)

 OR an alternative main prize: Carousel (3,000 coins, 3 energy every 24 hours; requires 3x3 squares; can be placed everywhere except the Snow Plateau), Firework 1 + Firework 2, 25 pearls, 20 superbucks.

1 restart: The Capitol / Carousel, Firework 1 + Firework 2, 25 pearls.

2 restarts: The Capitol / Carousel, Firework 1 + Firework 2.

3 restarts and more: The Capitol / Carousel.

Step I / 24h
Grow 45 crops of Squashes (Farm)
Collect 10 Boxing gloves (Gym)
Collect 32 Water bottles (Wok cafe)

Step II / 24h
Collect 11 Swimming costumes (Summer mansion)
Collect 25 Microphones (Pub)
Collect 17 Baguettes (Upgraded Bakery)

Step III / 24h
Collect 39 Pairs of skis (Shoe Shop)
Collect 12 Scarves (regular chain: Luxury Apartment, alternative chain: ask friends)
Collect 6 Axes (Upgraded Colonial House)

Step IV / 24h
Collect 10 Nitrile gloves (Dental surgery)
Collect 18 Clamps (Electronics Plant - Mouse, Keyboard, Web camera, Phone, Laptop, Monitor, Tablet, Motherboard)
Collect 7 Screwdrivers (Upgraded Subway station)

Step V / 24h
Collect 31 Petrol cans (Petrol Station)
Collect 12 Sneakers (Upgraded Shoe Shop)
Collect 16 Wheels (Auto Repair Shop)

Step VI / 24h
Produce 27 lots of Linen (Textile Factory)
Collect 13 Oars (Shopping Center)
Collect 15 Scissors (Upgraded Flower Kiosk)

Step VII / 24h
Collect 39 Spices (drop 1-3 at a time - Wok cafe)
Collect 14 Netsukes (Florist)
Collect 10 Party Crockeries (Upgraded Colonial House)

Step VIII / 24h
Collect 8 Leather sofas (Furniture Factory)
Collect 10 Dragon Fruits (Fruit Market)
Collect 20 Grills (Upgraded Summer House)

Step IX / 24h
Collect 12 Bulrushes (Sushi Bar)
Collect 18 Orchids (Upgraded Flower Kiosk)
Collect 13 Violets (ask friends)

Step X / 24h
Collect 15 Scooters (Pizza House)
Collect 12 Shoe protectors (Upgraded Shoe Shop)
Collect 32 Maps of the stars (Stationery Shop)

Step XI / 24h
Collect 27 Runes (Family House)
Collect 13 Fake fangs (Dental surgery, Dairy Farm - Cream)
Collect 9 Travel cards (Upgraded Subway station)

Step XII / 24h
Collect 15 Paper bags (Upgraded Bakery)
Collect 6 Chopsticks (Seafood shop)
Collect 9 Olive Oil (Greek House)