Tom and Bob have just arrived! Show your hospitality to the new families: help them move in and cool off  Also, Tom and Bob's house will be useful in one of the future quests, and a similar house is available in the Shop 

Sweltering sun

Available from level 15.
No timers! You have 5 days to complete all the tasks. To get this quest, you should enter the game before June, 27 9:00 2018 UTC (5:00 EST).

Reward: Tom and Bob’s house (550 coins, 1 XP, 1-2 energy every 4 hours; requires 3x5 squares; can be placed in any location

Sweltering sun I
Collect 6 Units of water (Water Tower, Upgraded Water Tower)
Collect 12 Peacock feathers (Stationery Shop)
Collect 32 Glasses (Summer House)

Sweltering sun II
Collect 9 Scooters (Auto Repair Shop)
Collect 14 Packs of tissues (Hostel, Family House)
Collect 30 Smoothies (Convenience Store)

Sweltering sun III
Collect 4 Pumpkin pies (Luxury Apartment)
Collect 25 Jugs of lemonade (Premium Cottage)
Collect 9 Boxes of chocolates (ask friends)

Sweltering sun IV
Collect 6 Tool kits (Shopping Center)
Collect 12 Trowels (Subway Station)
Collect 20 Packs of seeds (Flower Kiosk)

Sweltering sun V
Collect 9 Sun creams (Cosmetics Boutique)
Collect 21 Water bottles (Wok cafe)
Collect 10 Watering cans (Ranch)

Sweltering sun VI
Collect 4 Pendants (Jewelry shop)
Collect 13 Icicles (visit your friends’ cities and click buildings with a coin or clock icon above)
Collect 8 Sandwiches (Pub)