Samantha's back to visit your city: help her get some things done and get a set of gifts 

Requirements: level 20.
No timers! You have 6 days to complete all the tasks.
Reward: Japanese Apartments, 20 daffodils, decor set (Tree with Red Lanterns + Lily Pond + Crane).
This quest is available to get till May, 15 9:00 2018 UTC (4:00 EST).
Pay attention that there are two different task chains for different players (#1 for levels 20-49 and #2 for levels 50+).

Levels 20-49:

Eastern motif I
Collect 10 Cinnamon Sticks (Bakery)
Collect 15 Bags of flour (drop 1-3 at a time – Bistro)
Grow 30 crops of Strawberry (Farm)

Eastern motif II
Collect 9 Hair curlers (Hostel)
Collect 14 Bobble hats (Family House)
Collect 12 Whisks (Mansion)

Eastern motif III
Collect 10 Pairs of shoes (Shoe Shop)
Collect 7 Umbrellas (Subway Station)
Collect 6 Warm jackets (Premium Cottage)

Eastern motif IV
Collect 2 Tuna fishes (Sushi Bar)
Collect 14 Spices (drop 1-3 at a time – Wok cafe)
Collect 9 Cranberries (do not drop every time – Colonial House, Pumpkin cottage, Halloween cottage)

Eastern motif V
Collect 3 Memory drinks (Drugstore)
Collect 15 Mint leaves (Convenience Store)
Collect 5 Packs of Camomile tea (ask friends)

Eastern motif VI
Collect 4 Bottles of syrup (Candy Factory – Cherry Cupcake, Toffee apple, Cherry pie, Choco-log, Cake with berries, Chocolate, Eclair, Honey pie, Cheesecake)
Collect 10 Strawberry cocktails (Pub)
Hand out 9 Hibiscus flowers (Coffee House)
Eastern motif VII
Collect 7 Keyrings (Shopping Center)
Collect 14 Booklets (Textile Factory – Denim)
Collect 20 Backpacks (Summer House)

Levels 50+:

Eastern motif I
Collect 20 Newspapers (Subway Station)
Collect 9 Clutch bags (Hotel)
Collect 4 Books (School)

Eastern motif II
Collect 28 Pencils (Stationery Shop)
Collect 9 Scribe compasses (Country Cottage, Wooden house)
Collect 10 Plans (ask friends)

Eastern motif III
Collect 13 Portions of rice (Eastern House, Japanese Apartments, House with a pond, house with a watermill)
Collect 60 Carrots (Summer House)
Grow 45 crops of Yellow peppers (Farm)

Eastern motif IV
Collect 14 Nets (drop 2 at a time – Japanese Apartments)
Collect 80 Bags of flour (drop 1-3 at a time – Bistro)
Collect 4 Lucky coins (drop 1-2 at a time – Guardian of the Valley)

Eastern motif V
Collect 47 Lotus flowers (Flower Kiosk)
Collect 13 Crystal Balls (House with a pond)
Collect 3 Folding notepads (Press Center)

Eastern motif VI
Collect 43 Ring cakes (Bakery)
Collect 10 Hot Chocolates (Samantha’s Cafe)
Collect 47 Spices (drop 1-3 at a time – Wok cafe)

Eastern motif VII
Collect 16 Rowan Sprigs (House with a watermill)
Train 3 Architects (University)
Collect 12 Japanese tiles (ask friends)