🌺Help Mia with her newest architectural project and win the magnificent Lotus Towers!🌺

Requirements: the chests will be received by players level 15+
Main reward is the Lotus Towers (6,000 coins, 3-5 pearls, 4-6 energy every 24 hours, gives 10 marathon points for 16 days, size 10*6, can be placed anywhere except the Snowy Plateau).

Each chest can be opened for 9 Summer keys.
There are 3 ways to get Keys:
1. Complete the quests:

Imagination and Beyond I (3 keys)
Collect 19 Chalks (Construction Factory, Upgraded Construction Factory - Concrete compound)
Collect 21 Cans of paint (Hotel, Ranch, Family house, Comfortable house, Townhouse, Upgraded Ranch)
Collect 16 Pencils (Stationery Shop, Upgraded Stationery Shop)

Imagination and Beyond II (3 keys)
Produce 4 lots of Mouses (Electronics Plant, Upgraded Electronics Plant)
Collect 8 Sensors (Water Tower, Upgraded Water Tower)
Collect 11 Screw Nuts (Subway Station, Upgraded Subway Station, Central Station, Eastern Station)

Imagination and Beyond III (4 keys)
Ask friends for 7 Neon Lamps 
Collect 38 Lotus flowers (Flower Kiosk, Upgraded Flower Kiosk)
Collect 46 Saplings (Summer House, Upgraded Summer House)

2. Collect profits from the following buildings:

  • The Bridge (1 key every 24 hours)
  • The Oasis (1 key every 12 hours)
  • Center of Culture (305 keys every 20 hours)
  • The School of Science and Arts (2-4 keys every 18 hours)
  • Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (2-4 keys every 16 hours)
  • The State Chateau of Hluboká (2-4 keys every 24 hours)
  • The Caribbean Square (3-4 keys every 24 hours)

3. Use the sale offer!

Special Offer:

The Center of Culture: 5,500 coins, 3-5 energy, 4-6 pearls every 20 hours, 3-5 keys during the Lotus Towers chest event, 5-7 marathon points for 16 days
The School of Science and Arts: 3,700 coins, 2-3 energy every 18 hours, 2-4 keys during the Lotus Towers chest event
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception: 3,400 coins, 2-4 energy, 1-3 pearls every 16 hours, 2-4 keys  during the Lotus Towers chest event
The State Chateau of Hluboká: 4,200 coins, 3-5 energy, 3-5 pearls every 24 hours, 2-4 keys during the Lotus Tower chest event
Caribbean Square: 2,700 coins, 2,700 piastres, 1-3 energy every 24 hours 3-4 keys during the Lotus Towers chest event, can’t be sped up by friends