How about a trip to Sweden during winter time?❄️ Cold but adventurous and unusual, don't you think?  Take part in our latest event for a chance to win the magnificent Swedish castle ❄️ 


Requirements: this offer is available to be received starting level 15.
Ends on 20th of December 2:00 pm UTC time. 
The grand prize is the Swedish Castle (2,500 coins, 2-3 glass baubles every 16 hours, can be placed anywhere, size 9*8).

Don’t forget this is a grand prize, so its drop chance is much lower than for other gifts.

Each chest can be opened with 9 Ice Keys.

There are 3 ways to get Keys:

1. Complete the quests:
No timers! You can get keys during the chest offer only.
Reward: 3 keys + 3 keys + 4 keys.

Kiddy performance I
Collect 8 Bobble hats (Family House)
Collect 10 Pairs of mittens (Textile Factory when collecting anything)
Collect 3 Warm scarves (Luxury Apartment)

Kiddy performance II
Collect 14 Ring cakes (Bakery, Upgraded Bakery)
Produce 5 Lots of Toffee Apples (Candy Factory)
Collect 5 Romantic candles (Coffee House, Upgraded Coffee House)

Kiddy performance III
Collect 2 Throw blankets (Colonial House, Upgraded Colonial House)
Collect 3 Textbooks (Bookshop)
Collect 3 Presents for a kid (from friends’ cities when clicking on a building with a clock or coin)

2. Collect profits from the following buildings:

  • Swedish Cathedral (2-3 keys every 14 hours),
  • Windmill (1 key every 18 hours),
  • Saint Petersburg House of Books (2-4 keys every 24 hours),
  • Rockefeller Center (1-4 keys every 12 hours),
  • City Mall (3-5 keys every 12 hours),
  • The Bridge (1 key every 24 hours)

3. Use the sale offer:

Starting today, we have 2 new gorgeous City Sights in the game: the Rockefeller Center and the City mall! 💗 We also have some Christmas buildings  and past buildings on sale, so make sure to log in and check out the offers

Special Offer with the Swedish Castle

Rockefeller Center: 2,300 coins, 1-3 glass baubles, 1-3 energy, 1-4 keys during the Swedish castle chest event every 12 hours, size 6x9
City Mall: 3,000 coins, 2-3 glass baubles, 3-5 energy, 3-5 keys during the Swedish castle chest event every 12 hours, size 8*8
The Swedish Cathedral: 2,500 coins, 5 energy, 2-3 keys during the Swedish castle chest event every 14 hours
St. Petersburg Train Station: 2,900 coins, 3-5 energy every 20 hours
Petersburg Theatre: 3,300 coins, 3-4 energy every 18 hours
Saint Petersburg House of Books: 2,500 coins, 2-4 keys during the Swedish Castle chest event every 24 hours
Santa’s Residence: 1,500 coins, 5 energy every 5 hours
Christmas Tree II : 500 coins, 2 energy every 4 hours