Do we have any players from New York around here? How does Central Park look these days? Does it look so gorgeous as our version of it? Or even better?

Requirements: this offer is available to be received starting level 15.

Ends on November 12, 16:00 UTC (12:00 EST).

The grand prize is Central Park (2,500 coins, 2-3 candies every 20 hours, size 8x6, can be placed anywhere except the Snowy Plateau).

Don’t forget this is a grand prize, so its drop chance is much lower than for other gifts.

Each chest can be opened with 9 Red Keys.

There are 3 ways to get Keys:

1. Complete the quest:

No timers! You can get keys during the chest offer only.

Reward: 3 keys + 3 keys + 4 keys.

Magic Keys I (3 keys)

Collect 10 Binoculars, (Hostel, Upgraded Hostel)

Grow 20 Crops of Corn (Farm)

Collect 5 Warm jackets (Premium Cottage)

Magic Keys II (3 keys)

Collect 4 Books (School, Valley School)

Collect 12 Sprigs of Rosemary (Greengrocer’s)

Collect 20 Mint leaves (Convenience store, Upgraded Convenience store)

Magic keys III (4 keys)

Produce 8 Lots of Velvet (Textile factory)

Collect 12 Memory drinks (Drugstore)

Ask friends for 5 Magic wands

2. Collect profits from the following buildings:

Autumn Park (1-2 keys every 12 hours)

Central Station (2 keys every 24 hours)

Royal Palace of Oz (4-6 keys every 24 hours)

Peles Castle (2-3 keys every 18 hours)

H.C. Andersen Castle (2-3 keys every 16 hours)

Flatiron Building (2-3 keys every 18 hours)

3. Use the sale offer:

Don't miss your chance to get 2 new exquisite buildings: Flatiron and H.C. Andersen Castle!🏰We also have a re-run on some of our previous offers

City Sights offer with Central Park

H.C. Andersen Castle: 4,500 coins, 3-4 candies,3-4 energy, 2-3 keys during the Central Park chest event every 24 hours;
Flatiron Building: 2,200 coins, 2-3 energy, 1-2 candies,2-3 keys during the Central Park chest event every 12 hours;
Royal Palace of Oz: 14,000 coins, 4-6 energy, 5-6 candies and 4-6 keys during the Central Park chest event every 24 hours;
Peles Castle: 3,000 coins, 2-4 energy, 2-4 candies, 2-3 keys during the Central Park chest event every 18 hours;
The Norwegian Parliament: 3,500 coins, 2-3 candies, 2-3 coins every 18 hours;
The Parisian Basilica: 1,900 coins every 18 hours;
The Chrysler Building: 2,650 coins, 3-6 energy every 24 hours.