Requirements: level 12.
This offer is available till July, 29 14:00 UTC (10:00 EST).
Gifts don’t repeat!
The grand prize are the Gardens of Versailles (2,100 coins, 2-3 pearls every 20 hours, 2-5 energy; requires 8x10 squares; can be placed in any location except the Snowy Plateau).
Don’t forget this is a grand prize, so its drop chance is much lower than for other gifts.
Each chest can be opened with 9 Keys.
There are 3 ways to get Keys:

1. Complete the quest:
Please note that there is only 1 quest in 3 parts, after that the other 2 possibilities remain. After you complete these 3 parts the quest icon for keys on the left side of the screen will disappear.
No timers! You can get keys during the chest offer only.
Reward: 3 keys + 3 keys + 4 keys.

Mysterious disappearance I (3 keys)
Collect 6 Lenses (Electronics Plant)
Collect 4 Sensors (Water Tower, Upgraded Water Tower)
Collect 10 Binoculars (Hostel, Upgraded Hostel)

Mysterious disappearance II (3 keys)
Collect 13 Cups of tea (Coffee House, Upgraded Coffee House)
Collect 20 Ring cakes (Bakery, Upgraded Bakery)
Ask friends for 7 Candy bars

Mysterious disappearance III (4 keys)
Collect 7 Red paintbrushes (Luxury apartment)
Collect 25 Green paints (Flower Kiosk, Upgraded Flower Kiosk)
Collect 27 Cans of paint (Hotel, Ranch, Family House, Comfortable House, Townhouse, Upgraded Ranch)

2. Collect profits from the following buildings:

  • City Hall (1 key every 10 hours),
  • Petting Zoo (2-3 keys every 24 hours),
  • Romantic Park (1 every 8 hours)
  • Downtown Abbey (4-5 keys every 24 hours),
  • Parisian Basilica (4-4 keys every 18 hours),
  • Chrysler Building (2-3 keys every 24 hours),
  • Salvador Dali museum (1-2 keys every 16 hours);

3. Use the sale offer and buy some keys with pearls and cash: