It's May, 4, so may the force of chests be with you 🤩
Open the chests and get fancy gifts!
If you're lucky or persistent enough, you can win the Petronas Towers as a grand prize!

Requirements: level 15.
This offer is available till May, 8 15:00 UTC 2018(11:00 EST).

Gifts don’t repeat!
The grand prize is the Petronas Towers (3,500 coins, 1-2 energy, 2-3 daffodils every 16 hours; requires 6x6 squares; can be placed in any location).

Don’t forget this is a grand prize, so its drop chance is much lower than for other gifts.

Each chest can be opened with 9 Red Heart Keys.

There are 3 ways to get Keys:

1. Complete the quests:

No timers! You can get keys during the chest offer only.
Reward: 3 keys + 3 keys + 4 keys.

Treasure hunting I (3 keys)
Collect 25 Levers (Textile Factory – Wool, Tulle, Denim, Printed Cotton, Linen, Venetian Lace, Silk, Velvet, Lace)
Collect 30 Sheets of metal (Construction Factory – Roofing)
Collect 15 Trowels (Subway Station)

Treasure hunting II (3 keys)
Collect 24 Maps of the stars (Stationery Shop)
Collect 40 Bandages (German House)
Collect 13 Cords (ask friends)

Treasure hunting III (4 keys)
Collect 45 Runes (Family House)
Collect 8 Magic 8-Balls (Pool Parlour)
Collect 18 Scrolls (do not drop every time – Mansion)

2. Collect profits from the following buildings:

NEW: Crystal Island (7-10 keys every 20h),
- Pyramid (1-2 keys every 24h),
- Belgian Town Hall (2-3 keys every 24h),
- Parisian Mill (2-3 keys every 24h),
- Pantheon (3-4 keys every 20h),
- Bridge (1-2 keys every 24h).

3. Use the sale offer and buy some keys with daffodils and cash: