Mayors, as you might already know, Adobe will stop supporting Flash Player in 2020. Therefore, it is necessary to convert to HTML5 in order to keep the game going. There is a huge amount of code in SuperCity and it requires a lot of testing, but it is something that we needed to do! 

The below recommendations are for HTML5 because we have made this big change. A good, updated computer should be able to load the game and run it normally.

Your game is on HTML5 and is not loading or you notice it is lagging or has errors, here are some recommendations for you: 

1) First of all  - the browser! Update your browser to the latest version on the developer's site. The best option now is the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. You can download it here -

2) Video card - its interaction with the browser can influence how the game behaves. Here the latest drivers are important, which you can find on the site of your video card manufacturers. If you have a built-in video card, then you need drivers for the motherboard. Detailed instructions for determining your video card can be found on the Internet, for example, here -

3) The quality of the graphics in the game - if you notice lags and frequent freezes of the game, you may not have a powerful computer that does not have enough RAM for HTML5 to function well in a browser.

Try to switch the quality of graphics in the game to a lower one, this should help. You can find this above the neighbor bar in the settings.

4) The operating system of your computer is also very important - you are more likely to have problems starting the game or running it good if you have Windows 7 or Older.. Very old and unsupported Windows operating system (Windows XP, Vista) should be changed to newer Windows 10.

Note: Older unsupported operating systems, even the browser will not be able to update to the latest version.

5) RAM: For good performance of the game on HTML5, you need enough free RAM, the more it will be on your computer, the better. You also need to make sure that large “heavy” applications are closed during the time you are playing the game, as well as every 20 minutes to 30 minutes refresh your browser.

6) Browsers on mobile devices: like the Flash-version of SuperCity, the new HTML5 version of the game is not designed for playing in mobile devices/browsers. The game can start (or not), but whether it will work correctly - we can’t predict and even less guarantee. According to the observations of players - the more powerful the “hardware” in your mobile device, the more chances to get a pleasant gaming experience. But remember that this is not an official, but only an alternative way to start the game.

IMPORTANT! If all of the above recommendations did not help you - notify our support staff. Do not forget to specify your game ID, the browsers that you tried to use and attach the diagnostic file from your computer.

How to find your game ID:
You will find it in the lower part of the game screen, it is a long number. Example:

When you contact support it is preferable to also attach the following information to the ticket:
  1. Screenshot console and logs file
Please send us a screenshot from Google Chrome and make sure the tab is "Console".
 Click the CONSOLE TAB AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE (very important)

Here is how you do it:
1. Open the page with the game in your browser
2. Open the console : press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + letter " i ", switch to the console tab, not elements.
3. Reload the page with the game
4. Wait until reloading stops, the content on the Console page will be updating.
5. When it stops reloading/updating make a few clicks till the game glitches again, and then take a screenshot of the full page with the game and the console tab content. Save the screenshot and send it as an attachment in your ticket to support
(your browser may register errors which could possibly explain the nature of this problem)

See the attached file with instructions how to do this and how it should look like: The combination Ctrl + Shift + i should be the same for all browsers.

2. A screenshot of the browser extensions you are using. 

For Google Chrome:
  1. In the upper right corner there is a 3-dot menu, click on it and then click settings:
  2. Open extensions:
For other browsers, you can check on the internet how to find them.

3. Dxdiag File for windows:

Press the [Windows]+[R] keys on your keyboard to bring up the Run command.
  1. In the "Run" command box, type in dxdiag and press <Enter>. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear.
  2. Click on "Save all Information" at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Save the information to your Desktop, keep the file name as is.
  4. Attach the saved file to the Support Ticket.

    Here is an example of what the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will look like:

    Dxdiag for mac:
    1) Choose Apple menu
    2) Click on "About this Mac". This will open the Overview for your Mac
    3) Click the System Report (as this example) button and this will open a new app which gives you detailed information about your system.
    4) You will see that your menu bar has now changed to be System Information, (and if you now open the File menu, then you will have an option to save a report.
    5) It will ask you where to save the logged information. Leave the name as the default (which should be the model of Mac you're using), but take note of where the file is to be saved, then click the Save button.
    6) Now return to your web browser and your help desk ticket, then attache the file from wherever it was saved and onto the body of the ticket. Add the rest of your response and then submit the ticket back to us, and then we'll get the file. Thanks!

    More information can be found at 

Last, but not least, how to take a screenshot!

Without installing anything but a little bit tedious:

Or you can simply install a free program called Lightshot (we also use this program), and after you are done installing it simply press the PrtScr key on your keyboard and you are ready to go! 

Minimal Computer requirements
Processor: 2.1 GHz
Video card with support webgl 1 (can be checked here
OS: Windows 10 (Newest Update)Browser: Google Chrome (Newest Update)

ℹ️👉Recommended Computer requirements (perfect game performance guaranteed):
- 3 GHz processor,
- 16 GB RAM,
- GPU with Stage 3D support.
-Windows 10 (Newest Update)
-Google Chrome (Newest Update)