Hello from our team! We see lots of similar questions in our community from you, so we've decided to answer the most popular.

This is a compilation of answers from game designers, engineers, producers, support team.
Hope you enjoy!

1) Why can’t we place some business or production buildings next to each other?

Here’s a little story: some years ago (even before the game was released on Facebook) we had such an opportunity. Building numbers were limited by the way. But later we noticed that all the cities looked similar, and this was not what we wanted players’ cities to be. So, several years ago we decided to change the number limit to area limit, so some identical buildings can’t be put together, but the limit is still the same.

See what we did there? Limits are the same, but cities started to look different!

Anyway, as long as we started to receive complaints about it, we’ve started to think about how we can keep the buildings limit (cause it affects the game balance, yep, game balance again) + keep all the huge number of buildings players already have and not cut this number + meet players half-way and make some frequently asked changes.

So, good news, everyone , We plan to release the Upgrades: a new feature you can upgrade more than a dozen types of buildings with, get benefits and (hooray!) place these upgraded buildings next to each other! Of course, there will be some limitations and requirements, but it’s definitely worth it. We hope you’ll like it 

2) Do you plan to add a confirmation button for superbucks spending?

No, our team isn’t going to implement a confirmation button. SuperCity Mobile is developed by another team, and we have different angles of development.

We ask all of our players to please try playing a bit slower and avoid double clicks and green superbuck buttons suggesting you skip or speed up something. There are different colored buttons so players can see that they are used differently .

Clicking slowly in the game and waiting for all pop-ups to fully load then clicking on the X button to close them, will help all players to avoid clicking on the Green Superbucks buttons. when they do not mean to use them.

This is the reason the buttons are different colors. Examples below:

Superbucks buttons are Green

Use buttons are Yellow

Coin buttons are Blue.

3) Why are there random quests all the time recently? Will there be task chains soon again?

The main reason why we’ve decided to develop random quests is the players’ levels. Let us make it clear: there’s only one way to balance a chain and lots of different players at different levels, so a chain may be too easy for high levels and too difficult for low levels. That’s why we’ve decided to create random quests: they adapt to a player’s level!

4) Why don’t we make different chains for different levels? We just don’t have such resources. Our team is not hundreds of people, so we really have to manage our time. It means we need to find different solutions both to make regular updates and new features we want to diversify our game with, and random quests are one of them. Have you noticed we started to implement some new game mechanics and features recently? 
Anyway, we are open to your suggestions, and we really listen to you. So, good news, task chain lovers: we’re discussing an opportunity to add more task chains in the game. Random quests will stay in the game, but we could mix them with task chains 

5) Why does my game freeze and lag? I’ve done all the recommendations, but the Support Team keeps telling me the issue is on my side.

Sometimes the game may be slow due to high server loading, but most of all it depends on a player’s computer. “SuperCity” has very detailed graphics, and it requires specific system performance.

Here’s a short list of system requirements for running “SuperCity” smooth. If you’re not into this technical stuff, ask a computer master to check your device:

Minimum requirements: 
- 2 GHz processor,
- 4 GB RAM,
- GPU with Stage 3D support.

Recommended requirements (perfect game performance guaranteed):
- 3 GHz processor,
- 16 GB RAM,
- GPU with Stage 3D support.

6) Why can’t we place all the buildings in any locations? Why do they have these “everywhere except the Snow Plateau” restrictions?

Generally it depends on building’s or decor’s specifics: for example, Snow Tower won’t fit in the Sands.
Anyway, if you think some decorations or buildings would look well in other locations, please tell us about on the fan page.

7) Why can we have 7 Casinos only?

Seven Casinos is the best possible number of Casinos we can offer due to the game balance. Players could receive more than 7 before we announced this limit, but all the rest were in storage because Casinos have the limited area to place. We don’t plan to increase this limit. And 7 is a lucky number right? 

8) When is the Bay coming?

Our team was discussing for a long time what the Bay might look like because we’ve already had 4 locations for 4 seasons (the Snow Plateau for winter, the Enchanted Valley for spring, the Sands for summer and the Highland for autumn). For a long time we had no idea what the Bay might be created for, what idea might be the “base” for it, it seemed to be an outsider.

We have an idea now, and we’re discussing and working on it, and here’s an important thing: we can’t say this location will be the same location as we opened before, but we promise it will be good 

9) When are we getting more land and not just a few little plots?

We haven’t decided it yet. As soon as we have a finished version of new expansions, we’ll let you know at our Facebook Page.

10) Will you make a better way for us to let players know what we want to be clicked on? Some of my friends don’t speak my language.

Yes, we see complaints about this and we plan to implement some markers or indicators to the building you’d like to be sped up. 
As we’ve already said, our team is limited in employees, so we always have to choose features and updates to develop, but this feature is being discussed now!

11) Why do we have the 5 clicks per day rule for speed-ups, that doesn't work for us that work a real job? Why we can help our friends just once a day?

It’s done like that because of the game balance. It’s an important thing to maintain, because if there was no balance, any game would be either too easy or too difficult for different players.

12) Will you put more items in the shop for us older players as we already have everything?

Same as question #9: yes, we’ve decided to make new regular residences and decorations for the shop!

We appreciate your ideas, but we need to repeat that we can’t tell when EXACTLY new buildings and decorations will be added to the shop. Anyway, we’ve already started to plan their production, so stay tuned for the news in the community at the Facebook Page