We are glad to bring you another expedition for Valentine’s Day! We hope you will enjoy it just as much as the Christmas one! Below you will find everything you need to know about this new event!

The plot for this adventure is that Sophie gets lost in the mountains and John, who has a major crush on her, as you might know from our previous stories, is the one who has to save her.

What is new?
You will notice some new elements from the very beginning:

On the purple energy bar we added an exclamation mark: this will remind you to claim your free 100 energy units every time they become available, that is every 12 hours! Don’t forget to claim your free energy!

Let’s remember!
Other sources of free energy are:
  • Restoring buildings on the temporary expedition location:
Once you restore the “Energize” cafe, you will be able to craft energy cans:

Remember the energy you make in the Energize Cafe will go to your Expeditions inventory found on the bottom left of the expeditions area. You will have to click on the USE button in order for them to be added to your purple energy total!

  • Finding and opening chests on the temporary location;

Completing the quests situated on the left side of the screen, such as “Saving My Sweetheart

Completing tasks from the green huts:


On the right side of the screen you have 3 offers:

Choosing any offer on the Energy drink sale 10 times will bring you after the end of the expedition a wonderful building that drops glass baubles for now and daffodils after season change!

The 100 energy units that you can claim for free every 12 hours also count for this, one more reason to not forget about them!

The middle window shows you another set of rewards, that put together make up the Alpine Village. These rewards can be obtained for coins with hearts.

On the first tab of this window we have a list of tasks that can be done in order to get Coins with hearts, please scroll to the end and see all the options available to you.

On the second tab we have details on all the rewards. There is an additional set of rewards for those that decide to purchase the Winter key: Remember you must collect the amount shown even if you buy the key if you want the rewards

Note: the first upper row slot is empty, this is not an error. The first slot is for demonstration purposes only.

The third tab of this window is the Ratings, what counts towards the ratings this time is the number of beautiful flowers.

The Beautiful flowers can be found on the map, it is necessary to encounter them and strike them with energy. Each strike costs 45 energy, but how effective the strike is depends on luck.

The flowers re-spawn again on the same place every 6 hours or you can speed up the process with superbucks. The Price of the first speed-up in a day is a fixed price. Each next speed-up will be more expensive.

After you get your first flower, you can easily keep track of how many you have in this window:

The third offer is for the Romantic date, you can obtain this reward by collecting 6000 Red lollipops. The Romantic date is not only a gorgeous place that you’ll have as a souvenir forever, but also brings you glass baubles and daffodils after the season change and 1 needed item every 24 hours!

The bombs!

You can now use bombs to clean a bigger part of the territory!
There are 2 kinds of bombs, some available for purchase:

These kind of bombs you can place wherever you want, just as shown in the tutorial:

There are also static bombs that you can’t move, they will just explode in the place they are already on:

There is a price in superbucks that is necessary to pay for detonating the static bombs:

Other notes:
  • Please keep in mind this is a temporary location, it will disappear after the expedition ends;
  • After the expedition ends, the energy and the energy cans remain, the rest of the resources disappear;
  • Items you obtain from cleaning the temporary location are stored in a temporary expedition inventory;
  • However, the rewards you earn, such as buildings and decorations, are issued in your city and remain with you, of course!
  • Pay attention to the quests on the left side of the screen, not only their completion brings you energy, but sometimes you can’t move on unless you complete a certain quest!