SuperCity citizens and Lee the ecologist are excited to make this Snow Plateau area into a beautiful tourist place

Wild Geyser Park is the first stage of Geyser Park construction. This quest is constant (no timers at all) and calculated for high level players. Some upgraded buildings are required, but again, there's no need to rush: there are no timers

Geyser Park is a map object. This means this is a constant quest with no timers. After completing the tasks you’ll have the Wild Geyser Park in the Snow Plateau (950 coins every 24 hours; extends your city population by +1000).

Geyser Park: Stage 1—Wild Geyser Park (high level constant quest)

Requirements: level 60 + Snow Station built.
Geyser Park I
Collect 20 Baguettes (Upgraded Bakery)
Collect 21 Freeze gel tubes (Convenience Store)
Collect 12 Pinwheels (Stationery Shop)

Geyser Park II
Collect 13 Tyre jacks (Auto Repair Shop)
Collect 18 Sneakers (Upgraded Shoe Shop)
Collect 10 Tents (ask friends)

Geyser Park III
Hand out 14 Flasks (Beach House, Summer mansion)
Collect 15 Axes (Upgraded Colonial House)
Collect 20 Potions (Pub)

Geyser Park IV
Produce 18 lots of Milk (Dairy Farm)
Collect 22 Binoculars (Hostel)
Collect 33 Take-out boxes (Wok cafe)

Geyser Park V
Collect 13 Stopwatches (Beach shop)
Collect 10 Screwdrivers (Upgraded Subway Station)
Collect 13 Plans (ask friends)

Geyser Park VI
Collect 14 Tool kits (Shopping Center)
Collect 15 Chainsaws (Ranch)
Collect 20 Petrol cans (Petrol Station)

Geyser Park VII
Collect 27 Spring rolls (Bistro)
Collect 9 First aid kits (Drugstore)
Collect 8 Lattes (Upgraded Coffee House)

Geyser Park VIII
Train 7 Engineers (University)
Collect 14 UV lamps (Bowling Alley)
Collect 15 Microscopes (ask friends)

Geyser Park IX
Collect 5 Respirators (Hospital)
Collect 20 Sweets (Candy Factory – Cherry Cupcake, Toffee apple, Cherry pie, Choco-log, Cake with berries, Chocolate, Eclair, Honey pie, Cheesecake)
Collect 24 Tins of beans (Upgraded Summer House)

Geyser Park X
Collect 9 Butterflies (Fruit Farm – Banana)
Collect 14 Orchids (Upgraded Flower Kiosk)
Collect 23 Garlands (Recreational cottage)

Geyser Park XI
Collect 36 Charms (German House)
Collect 15 Magical elixirs (Cosmetics Boutique)
Collect 13 Drills (ask friends)

Geyser Park XII
Collect 11 Drops of amber (Jewelry shop)
Collect 20 Orchids (Upgraded Flower Kiosk)
Collect 6 Folding notepads (Press Center)