Timers: No timers for the Geyser itself, but if you make it in the allotted time (14 d 23 h) you will get the extra rewards: Sporting Goods Store + 20 superbucks

Rewards: main reward: Modern Geyser Park (1,700 coins, 1 xp point, 8-15 energy every 24

Modern Geyser Park I
Collect 6 Firewood (Upgraded Ranch)
Collect 20 Leather sofas (Furniture Factory)
Collect 5 Seals (Administration)

Modern Geyser Park II
Collect 14 Chemical agents (Drug Store)
Collect 7 Barographs (School, Valley School)
Collect 35 Digital Thermometers (Upgraded German House)

Modern Geyser Park III
Collect 12 Pocket watches (Mansion in Garlands)
Collect 10 Sensors (Water Tower, Upgraded Water Tower)
Ask friends for 13 Microscopes

Modern Geyser Park IV
Collect 18 Slides (Cinema)
Collect 32 Paper bags (Upgraded Bakery)
Collect 5 Folding notepads (Press center)

Modern Geyser Park V
Collect 14 chairs (Family restaurant)
Collect 4 Heart balloons (City Hall)
Collect 37 Orchids (Upgraded Flower Kiosk)

Modern Geyser Park VI
Collect 13 Helmets (Hat boutique)
Collect 24 Light bulbs (Electronic Plant when producing Mouse)
Ask friends for 14 Forced logs

Modern Geyser Park VII
Collect 24 Travel cards (Upgraded Subway Station)
Collect 15 Tool kits (Shopping Center)
Train 5 Engineers (University)

Modern Geyser Park VIII
Collect 30 Screwdrivers (Upgraded Subway Station)
Train 7 Designers (College)
Collect 19 Souvenirs (Cosmetics Boutique)

Modern Geyser Park IX
Collect 36 Party Crockeries (Upgraded Colonial House)
Collect 6 Swans (Dating Park, Sweetheart House, Venus Park)
Ask friends for 14 Doves

Modern Geyser Park X
Collect 6 Dinosaur Fangs (Museum)
Collect 14 Christmas cards (Christmas kiosk)
Collect 27 Souvenir cups (Upgraded Stationery shop)

Modern Geyser Park XI
Collect 18 Lattes (Upgraded Coffee House)
Collect 16 Antique vases (Jewelry shop)
Collect 25 Screw wenches (You can get Screw wench from buildings in friends’ cities with a coin or clock icon)

Modern Geyser Park XII
Collect 6 Cupid’s arrows (Zweiffel Tower, Romantic park, Balloon)
Ask friends for 13 Oil burners
Collect 22 Portable speakers (Upgraded Hostel)