In this section we will provide basic advice that will help keep your game profile and personal information safe from wrongdoers.
Please take it with the utmost seriousness.

  • Do not share information about your profile ID, screenshots from your profile, as well as receipts of payment for in-game purchases in the public domain (groups in social networks, chats, including the in-game chats).
This information can be used by wrongdoers to take over your profile.

  • Do not share your Google Play/Apple ID login information with anyone.
Sharing this information can lead to losing your login access and gaming profile.

  • Beware of wrongdoers who offer gaming resources and funds on external websites.
Purchases can only be made inside the game. By buying funds or resources on external websites and apps you risk:
- losing your Google Play/Apple ID login information and access to your gaming profile;
- losing access to your payment methods.

If your Google Play/Apple ID became available to a third party, contact your device's platform support team immediately.
If you are having trouble accessing your gaming profile due to data theft, contact our support team and describe your problem in detail.