Raids is one of the game's basic modes, only available to players who have reached level 28 and are members of a clan.
Clan Raids appear as a tree with multiple mission branches, divided into several lines. Each mission line ends with a mission with a Boss (a difficult mission with a powerful character).
A Raid mission entry costs 10 raid energy units. Raid energy is automatically restored on a timer (1 unit - every 14 minutes and 30 seconds), but it can also be bought in exchange for gold.
You can heal/restore your characters during the clan Raids in exchange for Healing Kits or gold. The price of characters healing/restoration in a 24-hour cycle goes up with the repeat restoration of the same character. Healing Kits can be obtained by completing the "Live by the Sword" challenge and the Tomb of Horrors missions.
The number of participants in each Raid is limited and depends on the level of a launched raid.