A Clan war is a cyclical gaming event in which clans fight each other, conquering and defending islands in order to climb higher in the War rankings and get larger rewards.

The Clan war takes place on a separate map that consists of a multitude of islands and is supported by the basic mechanics of the main game.

Every player's goal in the Clan war is to help the clan amass the greatest amount of Mana, by conquering and defending the islands that generate it.

Each launch of the Clan war consists of several stages: registration, preparation, and the active phase of the War.


To participate in the next Clan War, the clan leader or officers must apply to register.
All the clans are divided into three circles, depending on the outcome of the previous War.
The size of the rewards grows from one circle to the next.


During the preparation stage, the clans are randomly distributed over the War map, taking into account the total strength of the clan's players.
The strength of the clan is fixed at the moment of transition from the registration phase to the preparation phase.

Important note: If a player joins a clan during the preparation or active fighting stages, they cannot participate in the War.

Active phase

In the active phase, players need to capture and defend islands to earn as much Mana as possible.
Mana can be earned by capturing islands, with the strength of the island's attacking and defending squads affecting the amount of Mana in the reward.

Islands captured by a clan generate Mana, which is credited to the clan's total score as well as the player's personal score.
The higher up on the map the island is and the stronger defenders a player leaves on it are, the more Mana the clan earns.

The map also has special islands that feature the Manarain effect.
They are highlighted in purple and do not only bring more Mana, but also spread the Mana effect onto the islands within their area of operation.