If you've encountered a problem while trying to make an in-game purchase, it may be due to the following reasons:
1. Temporary malfunctions in your app store
All in-game purchases are processed by the app store you used to download the game (Google Play/App Store). It is possible that, at the moment, the app is overloaded and cannot process the request. Please wait a few minutes, reboot the device, and try making the purchase again.
2. Internet connection
Your internet connection should be stable in order to successfully process the purchase. If possible, we recommend using Wi-Fi or a 4G connection.
3. You do not have sufficient funds in your account to make the purchase
Please check your bank account, and, if necessary, use a different payment method. It is possible your credit card has restrictions not allowing it to proceed with the transaction. Ask the banking institution that issued your card for assistance.
4. Your chosen payment method is not supported
Check your Google Play/Apple ID account settings to see whether your chosen payment method is supported. If necessary, change your payment method or add a new one.
You can find more information about possible problems related to in-game purchases in the Google Play/Apple support sections. If the above suggestions are not of assistance and the problem persists, please contact your app store's support service.