The Game Center application (automatically installed on your iOS device) automatically saves your gaming data and allows you to play on other devices without losing your progress data.
Game Center supports synchronization with only one game profile.
Changing Game Center settings will lead to losing your game progress.
Possible reasons for losing your game progress while playing on a single device:
  1. You played with Game Center inactive and then turned Game Center on. The game starts from the beginning in this case.
  2. You played with Game Center active but then switched it off.
Reasons for losing your game progress when playing on multiple devices:
  1. You play on different devices without logging into Game Center your game profile is synchronized with.
  2. You were playing earlier with Game Center inactive. The game progress reset on the new device.
If your progress is lost and you start the game from the beginning, please, contact our support team via “Help” button in Settings menu of the game.
Please let us know:
  • The reason for the loss of progress;
  • Your full nickname in the new profile and in the previous one you want to recover.
Note: If you made purchases from your old profile, please attach screenshots of Apple's email receipts to your query to our support service to confirm the profile belongs to you, in order to restore your progress.