Starting with player level 50, you can create and save squads in the game so that later they can be easily summoned into battle in any of the modes.
Now, there is the option "Saved squads" in the menu of the heroes, through which you can change the saved squads, sort them by power or delete.
You can also save squads in the hero selection window before the start of the battle. In addition, you can select a squad from the list of saved ones in this window.
You can use the same hero in different saved squads. However, you cannot save two identical squads, unless you have changed the squad leader. For example, you can save several squads with the same heroes from the High Elves faction, if the leader slot is occupied by different heroes (Daimyo, Orihime or Kabuto).
Slots with heroes are visually blocked if, when choosing a squad, these heroes are not available in this mode. For example, when choosing a squad to complete the Light Campaign, all Dark Heroes in the squad will be blocked.
A slot with a killed hero will also be blocked if he cannot be healed (for example, in the Dungeon of Horrors).
Note: The number of squads that can be saved increases as the player's level rises:
50 level - 10 squads
60 level - 15 squads
70 level - 20 squads
80 level - 30 squads