Light and Dark Campaigns consist of Acts and Chapters that reveal the plot of the game.
During the playthrough of Light Campaign, Roland and his companions wander through the fragments left after the Cataclysm.
The events of Dark Campaign take place in the same locations, but at night, following the steps of Roland and his allies. A hired assassin named Sharazar hunts down the heroes in hopes of getting his daughter back.

Campaigns can be played in Normal, Heroic, and Legendary modes.
In each Campaign, you can only use certain heroes. In  Light Campaign, you have access to the light heroes, in  Dark Campaign -only to the dark ones.

To complete the Chapters, you need Campaign Energy.
For completing each Chapter, you will receive one, two, or three stars. The number of stars depends on the number of heroes who survived the battle.
With the help of Memory spheres, you can quickly go through only those Chapters in which you previously earned 3 stars.