Legendary mode is available starting at player level 80, and to complete it you will need strong heroes with the Arcane stars.
To unlock  Legendary mode, you must complete all Chapters of Heroic mode in this Act.

IMPORTANT: To access the Chapters, you will need heroes of certain Brotherhoods and Factions. Hero requirements are listed in the “Required Heroes” section of the Сhapter description.

Each Сhapter in Legendary mode can be played no more than 5 times per day, the timer can be refreshed for Gold.

You can pass a Chapter using Memory spheres only if the Chapter has been completed with 3 stars.

Victories in Legendary mode will give you the following possible rewards:
  • Roland shards in  Light Campaign and Sharazar shards in  Dark Campaign (only for completing the Chapter for the first time);
  • Arsenal tokens to open a special equipment chest;
  • Items of equipment, including those required for equipment level 11;
  • Silver, Experience Potions, Memory Spheres.