When you complete an Act in Heroic mode for the first time, the Event for receiving double rewards in Heroic mode automatically starts in your profile and lasts 72 hours.
NOTE: The event starts only once and is not activated after completing other Acts in Heroic mode in the future.

In addition, the game regularly launches Events, in which players receive increased rewards in Heroic and Legendary modes and can skip the timer in Chapters for half the price.

There are several types of Events:
  • Age of Heroes and Horn of Plenty - x2 bonus on the drop of shards and resources in Heroic mode, starts on Friday and lasts 72 hours;
  • Maelstrom of War - 50% off the cost of restarting missions in Heroic and Legendary modes, starts on Tuesday and lasts 48 hours;

  • Legendary Treasure - x3 bonus on the drop of resources in Legendary mode, starts on Tuesday and lasts 48 hours.

Each Event is launched every 2 weeks at 00:00 according to the profile’s time zone.

NOTE: if 2 or more events are launched on the same conditions, bonuses don’t stack.
For example, an individual Event for double rewards in Heroic mode is launched in the profile. At the same time, a regular scheduled Event starts. In this case, the player receives double rewards, and the time of the Events doesn’t sum up. When the second Event starts, the timer is updated to a more recent one.