The game offers for high-level players a Raid of increased difficulty. It contains a number of random effects that are generated when the raid is opened, as well as hard-to-beat opponents as Bosses. This Raid won't make you bored!

The walkthrough of the Portal to the Unknown VI requires a lot of effort on the players’ part. Only those players who have really strong heroes and who know how to work on a team will be able to handle the missions.


Portal to the Unknown VI contains a number of changes in the mechanics compared to Portals I-V.
  • In this Raid, missions with Bosses await you. Bosses will not be so easy to defeat, because they will be hyper-enhanced heroes.
NOTE: If the Boss in the mission has the Leadership ability, it will always be active.
  • Individual missions on the map will now contain Arena special effects. For example, massive damage, the inability to impose negative effects on enemies, damage for positive effects, immunity to negative effects, and many others.
    Arena special effects are only applied to certain raid missions. They are distributed randomly each time the raid starts.
    Each effect has its own probability of occurrence. One effect cannot be repeated more than twice during one Raid launch.
    The effects are activated at the start of the mission and last in all its waves. The effect timer remains when going to the next wave.
Valuable rewards

As a reward for completing the Raid, you will receive valuable rewards, including Raid Equipment Tokens IX. You can spend them to open chests with high-level equipment in the Market.