This is a special Summon Chest with fragments of Light and Dark heroes.
In this chest, you can choose a "trophy" Hero and increase the chance of obtaining it by guarantee to 50%.
If after 50 openings you haven't received the hero you chose, the chance automatically increases to 100% for the next 50 openings!
This means that by opening 100 chests, you are guaranteed to receive 80-145 fragments of the selected hero!
Note: If you get the selected hero from the guarantee, the chance for the next guarantee becomes 50% again.
If you don't choose anyone, the chances of dropping after opening 50 chests will be equal for all Trophy heroes.
At any time, you can change the chosen guaranteed hero, and the increased chance will be preserved!


You chose Ramfort as the hero for the increased chance.
The chance of getting fragments of this hero after 50 openings is 50%.
If you opened 50 chests and got Ramfort's fragments, the chance for the next guarantee is again 50% - choose a "trophy" hero again.
If you opened 50 chests and got fragments of another Trophy hero, then the chance of getting Ramfort after the next 50 openings increases to 100%.

The content of the Hero Hunt Chest is regularly updated.
The progress of chest openings is saved between sessions.
Please, stay tuned for updates in our official communities: Discord, Facebook.