General Information:

Summon Events are available to all players from level 26.

We regularly launch new events. Exact launch dates are published in our official communities as well as in the 'News' section of the game.



Missions in normal and heroic modes are available to you in the events. To complete them, you will need Summon Energy. Summon Energy replenishes over time, up to a limit of 100 units. You can also purchase Summon Energy with gold.



As a reward, you receive fragments of a new hero (for the first completion) and Summon Runes.

Important: The number of Summon Runes that can be obtained in normal and heroic mode missions is limited and is indicated on the event card under the "i" button, as well as in the reward list for each mission of the event.

Once the limit is reached, the Summon Rune card disappears from the list of possible rewards.


Summon Chest

With Summon Runes, you can open Summon Chests available in the Heroes Summon section on the main screen of the game. These chests have an increased chance of dropping fragments of a new hero.

The Summon Chest appears in the game before the start of the Event.

By opening the chest a certain number of times, you are guaranteed to receive Magical Stars for the new hero. The maximum number of guaranteed Magical Stars is 3."

Important: To activate the calendar, you need to collect the first reward within the first three days from the start of the event.


Hero's Path

Simultaneously with the Summon Event, the game introduces the quest "Hero's Path": you receive valuable rewards for each increase in rarity and activation of Magical Stars for a new hero.