What does the update have in store for us?

# New hero abilities

In this update, several heroes will have new awakened abilities:

* Artus will be able to deal more damage, as well as increase Initiative and speed of allied Archons

* Sacrif's healing and shields will protect Archons even better

* Claudia Toxic can become the most dangerous Assassin, steadily crossing enemies off her Hit List

* Yuki's attacks will become more deadly, and Yuki herself will be able to gain Immortality

* Wilhelm will deal even more damage, and a target killed by Pierced Heart now cannot be revived. Wilhelm will also have the ability to cast Lunacy

* Crowley will be able to restore HP more efficiently, and will receive a Shield at the beginning of the round


Awaken new hero abilities and strengthen familiar comps!


# Changes in the compensation system

We have improved the compensation system for receiving duplicates of a 7th Arcane Star from Arcane Chest VII. Now, if you draw a 7th Arcane Star for a hero who already has 7 stars, you will receive 150 Gold Tokens in exchange. You can use Tokens in the Token Shop to purchase Arcane Stars for the hero of your choice. We will also significantly increase the currency exchange rate for Arcane Chest VII. You can now immediately buy 100 Gold Tokens for 2500 chest currency. And that's not all!


With the start of the Arrival event, you'll be able to receive points in Stages for opening Arcane Chest VII.


Strengthen your favorite heroes and get even more points in Stages!


# New Hero: Gerda

Gerda is a Northern Vanir Mage. Magic attacks of this forbidding fairy freeze enemies into blocks of ice and slow them down with frosty currents. A flap of her wings helps the allied Vanir absorb magic.

* You can get Gerda via the Hero Pass


# New Hero: Scara

Scara is the first hero from the new Guardians of Order faction. Deadly attacks of this accurate sniper blast the sand, hitting multiple targets. The fewer enemies remain, the worse her scarabs sting. Scara does not leave the battlefield even after dying. She will rise out of her Canopic Jar to keep fighting alongside the Guardians.

* You can get Scara in The Arrival event


# New ways to get rare heroes

* Trophies in the Hero Hunt chest (Jan. 31): Scara, Hae'lis, Ulfren, the Banshee, Frei'hel, Astoria, Ever, Ramfort, Teodor, Demetria

* Grotto and Hae'lis were added to the Hero Hunt chest (Jan. 31)

* Ulfren was added to the Chaos Summoning and Hero Summoning chests

* Vulcan appears in the Tomb of Horrors


# Other changes and improvements

* New Stages with rewards were added to the Tournament

* Guardians of Order were added to the requirements for completing the Light Campaign Act 2 (legendary mode, all missions), Act 5 (legendary mode, missions 6-15), and Act 7 (normal and heroic modes, missions 13-15)

* The stat changes displayed when increasing the level of equipment for the heroes Hae'lis, Grotto, Ulfren are now correct

* Fixed the bug causing an inflated number of rewards to be displayed on the chest card with level 13 and 14 equipment

* Fixed a bug in the clan Tournament Leaderboard refreshes

* Fixed the bug where the Librarian's buff removal protection did not work against removing all buffs at once

* Fixed the bug causing Norah to only cast Frost Shield on self

* Fixed the bug that prevented the reward from displaying when opening a gift chest

* Fixed the bug allowing less than 100 participants in a Tournament group

* Now duplicate rewards are summed up when receiving several bonuses from the Pass reward line

* Improved graphics in some Events and Campaign Acts

* And more changes and improvements