In version 2.17, we have improved the logic of starting and completing Arena and Tournament battles. Here are some details on how this will affect your gaming experience:

ExampleWhat to do
You have encountered an issue at the start of the battle. For example, the loading screen has frozen or you have received an error message without seeing the battlefield screen.Restart the game while the Tournament is still on. You will see that the number of attacks has not changed and the opponent is still available for attacking.
You have received an Update Requited or a Profile Sync Error message during the battle in the Arena or Tournament.Restart the game. Please note that every Arena or Tournament battle lasts 5 minutes. It is crucial to restart the game within the time that is left. The attack will not be charged, and you will be able to attack the same opponent.
You have won or lost the battle but encountered a loss of connection before seeing the result.

Restart the game.After the restart, you will see a screen with the result of the battle.

Remember that every Arena or Tournament battle lasts 5 minutes, and the time to save the result of the battle is limited. If that time runs out, the result of the battle will not be saved and it will automatically count as a loss.

How much time do I have to restart the game?

Every battle lasts 5 minutes on the server side. For example, you have killed all of your opponent's heroes in 2 minutes, but encountered a connection loss before the Victory screen appears. That means you have 3 minutes more to restart the game for the result to be saved.