Milestones are game activities in which you earn points for actions, such as participating in modes, spending resources.

As you accumulate points, you unlock successive reward levels.

Click the "i" button on the Milestone card to find out what actions earn points.

Under each Milestone level, you see how many points you have already scored and how many points are needed to reach the next level.


IMPORTANT: All Milestones are time-limited.

There is a timer under the card of each Milestone, showing how much time is left until its completion.

If a Milestone has already been completed, you have five (5) days to collect the rewards for the levels. If you fail to do so in time, the level rewards are sent to your in-game Mail.

Please note, the cards of inactive Milestones are displayed in grey. It is no longer possible to earn points for these Milestones.