For stable gameplay in Age of Magic, your mobile device must meet certain technical requirements.


Technical requirements:

  • 4+ GB of RAM
  • At least 2.5 GB of free memory. If the internal memory is almost full, it can lead to various problems.


If your device does not meet these requirements, you may experience freezes or crashes (the app closes by itself).


Important: even if the game starts, it does not mean that the device is capable of supporting stable operation of the application.

In addition to the device's technical capabilities, the following factors, not directly related to the device's technical capabilities, can affect the stability of the game:


  • The cache is full - when there is too much cached data, it can lead to crashes.
  • A large number of applications running in the background.
  • Unstable connection.
  • Malicious software.


If your device overheats, it may indicate that the components are overloaded. In such cases, the operating system may forcibly stop active processes to avoid damaging the device.


Thus, crashes or freezes may be provoked by factors that are independent of the game, and which the development team cannot influence.


Can I get energy back for a battle or receive an arena attack if I encountered a crash, freeze, or other issue?



If your device meets the technical requirements for stable gameplay, you can contact our support team. Describe the issue you encountered, and we will consider your request.

We try to respond to everyone as soon as possible. However, there may be situations where our team may not be able to process your application before the end of the Tournament.

In such cases, we do not provide individual compensation.


Arena, Raids, Events

Energy for participating in Raids, Campaigns, or Events is a replenishable resource* in the game, so the return of these resources upon request to customer support is not provided.

*a replenishable resource - a resource that is restored over time, with the update of the game days, can be purchased for in-game currency.


Can I receive  gold or other resources if I encounter a crash, freeze, or another error?

We do not credit resources on an individual basis, nor do we compensate for potential losses.