What does the update have in store for us?


Can't-Miss Events


05.04 - 09.04

The legend of the Cursed Cutlass has been passed down from generation to generation between orks for years. But there was no madman willing to risk their life for a chance to possess it. Until Captain John appeared on that shard... Dive into Fables of the Past and relive the exciting adventures of Captain John of the Assassins Guild!


Soul Savior

18.04 - 01.05

Bliss descends on the shards bubbling with anticipation. For he knows that soon all of Arrat will be at his feet, conquered by his talents and charisma. As for those who like to brandish their weapons, he will simply give them a wide berth. How hard can it be?


Tomb of Horrors

Deep inside the Tomb, Volnnah is waiting for you! Complete all missions to add the Dragonkin Ranged Damager to your squad!


Spring Festival

Take part in the Spring Festival!

04.04 - 19.04

At the height of spring the First Dragon cracks his eyes open, lazily gazing at his favorite creation: Arrat. The locals have everything prepared: they have decorated the shards and come up with fun activities! Join them! Find Air Keys, grab Air Seals and get the restless Capfei! Make sure to visit the Spring Festival shop, and don't forget to send gifts to your friends!


Update Heroes


Wanderers are often overly grave folk, but Capfei is clearly an exception! His skillful movements speed up allies and slow down enemies. He sweeps through the battlefield like a little hurricane, strengthening the leaders.



He enchants enemies with his virtuoso flute-playing, stopping them from performing attacks and casting effects. He raises allies' morale, allowing them to deal more damage and cast guaranteed effects.


New Skins

Ever will have a new skin in the Spring Set. You can get it in Magic Pass.


Other changes and improvements

* Belladonna: Fixed an error in the description of level 8 Reanimation

* Inpus: Fixed an error in the description of Death Call

* Grotto: Fixed a bug in damage-stacking for SHIELD

* Ulfren: Fixed an error in the description of abilities in level 8

* Wilhelm: Fixed a bug causing the hero to deal additional damage when attacking a target under Lunacy

* Siegfried: Fixed a bug causing the hero to cast an armor-increase buff when an ally received magic damage

* Sharazar and Rougarou: Fixed a bug causing heroes not to retain shields received in their beast form

* Omphis: Damage and HP increase of allies is now visualized

* Drakonir: Fixed an error in the visual artifacts in the hero's Snowtide form

* Fixed a bug causing the camera to snap back to the top of the Market tab list after opening any chest

* The Energy-purchase window no longer closes after every purchase, so players can buy energy as many times as they want without reopening the window

* Rewards for completing Missions for Memory Spheres are now issued faster

* Fixed a bug causing sudden updates of the list of Stages

* Fixed a bug causing a message about locked Stages to appear when entering the Stages window for the first time

* Fixed a bug preventing points for activities from being displayed in the Magic Pass information window

* Fixed the display of the Mission restart timer in the briefing window

* Fixed the display of guarantee progress in Arcane Chest cards

* Fixed a bug making x1 and x10 purchase buttons in equipment chests visually different

* Fixed a bug causing artifacts to appear in the background on some devices when downloading resources or switching between windows

* Age of Magic is no longer supported on some devices: Xiaomi Redmi 9A, Xiaomi Redmi A1+, Samsung Galaxy A02, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T.

* Other changes and improvements