What does the update have in store for us?


Can't-Miss Events 

Descent on Arrat

05/04 - 05/09

The fearless Fighter Teodorwas entrusted with an important mission: to make sure the Cloud Wanderers could safely descend on Arrat. Will the Wanderers be greeted by old allies, or has time broken the once strong bonds?

Dive into Teodor's exciting adventure in Fables of the Past!


Pride & Perfection

05/16 - 05/30

The Chaos Spawn are without a doubt the most perfect creatures of the Cradle! But even among them, there is one that possesses such grace, such strength, such... But enough mystery! Superia herself will demonstrate her uniqueness by carrying out an important mission.


Tomb of Horrors

The bloodthirsty pirate Mor'Drake lurks in the forgotten halls of the Tomb! To make this Ork Ranged Damager your ally, you will have to go through a series of tests. Are you up to the challenge?


Arrat Days of Greatness

05/02 - 05/21

The locals fly thousands of kites to celebrate the anniversary of Arrat's creation by the Dragon. But lightning tears through the sky, and creatures from the Cradle of Chaos swarm in. Defeat the Myrmidons, summon Capfei and save the holiday!

Don't forget to visit the special holiday shop and send gifts to your friends!


Update Heroes


A versatile Dark Fighter from the Chaos Spawn faction. Superia can strengthen any squad. When she finds a wounded enemy, she finishes them off mercilessly with a few well-aimed strikes.



This explosive Ranged Damager of the Northern Peaks restores HP by leeching off of enemies. When allied Vanir absorb enemy effects, Rei'mund is revived. In the Cradle of Chaos, his team has no equal. At the start of the round, Rei'mund blocks enemies from casting buffs.


Other changes and improvements

* Fixed linguistic issues in the descriptions of several heroes' abilities

* Belladonna: added a visible HP increase effect from her passive ability

* Fixed the bug causing one of the chests on the Raid Chests tab to be hidden

* Fixed the bug that occurred when switching between profiles on one device and caused incorrect statistics to be displayed for the hero in the Tournament

* Fixed the bug causing cards in the reward window not to open when clicked on but only through the Open All button

* Fixed the bug causing the game to freeze after closing the Chaos Prism spending confirmation window

* Fixed the bug causing the purchase key window to appear after pressing Start in the Cradle of Chaos mode even if the player already had the the required number of keys to start

* Fixed the bug causing several Magic Chest cards to be displayed in the shard search window

* Fixed the Tomb of Horrors background showing through in other locations

* Fixed the graphics under the Claim All button

* Fixed the bug causing an incorrect number of required equipment items to appear

* Fixed some purchase button issues: the price is now centered on the button, and the unnecessary ""Buy"" text was removed from some of the buttons per the overall design of the game

* Other changes and improvements