Coliseum is a new PvP mode for testing. It begins on 06.27 and will last for 4 weeks.

General Rules

Select three squads, each with unique heroes, and battle against three enemy squads.

If you defeat at least one squad, you will receive ranking points and a victory award.

Points for victory:
victory in one battle - 1000 points
victory in two battles - 4000 points
victory in three battles - 10000 points.

You are scored a defeat if you lose to all three enemy squads.

Every day, you have 6 attacks available: 3 are free, and 3 can be purchased with gold.

Defensive teams consist of your strongest heroes until they achieve their first victory over the enemy. After that, the defending squads will be formed from the units that achieved the victory.

You can update the enemy list once for free. Any subsequent enemy list upgrades are available for gold.

During a battle, it is important to note that you are unable to change the selected units.